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9. Christmas Surprise at the County

We've been delighted with the positive reaction we've been receiving from our initial client meetings and we have a number of orders in production. However, the first to hit the shelves came courtesy of cousin Phil who introduced us to The County - a fabulous pub in the heart of the community in Northampton.

The County asked us to put together a Gin that reflects the essence of Christmas at The County. As for all clients we started the process with a bit of research to find out what The County is all about and what their customers think of them and we found that there were a number of ingredients which make The County the success that it is, namely:

· It's an essential

· By the Cricket Ground

· Warm & Friendly

· Gastro bar

· A fun surprise

An essential

Every thriving community needs a friendly local pub, you could say that without a friendly local pub a community isn’t really a community. In a similar way you can’t have a Gin without the essentials of juniper berries and coriander – without these a gin is just simply not a gin.

The Ground

Based right next store to The County ground, we couldn’t have a Gin which didn’t capture something about the ground. So we’ve captured this with the addition of Angelica Root and Orris Root, providing a deep background earthiness to this Gin.

Warm and friendly

It's a family run pub and above all else offers the Community a warm and friendly atmosphere, especially at Christmas. The smells and tastes of Christmas point to Nutmeg, Cassia bark and ginger for warmth, and for sweetness it’s a hint of coco nibs and lucuma with its caramel taste.

Gastro pub

Well known as a great gastro bar, and a place to come for a bite to eat with the family. At Christmas time this evokes thoughts of digging in to plum or figgy pudding and so we’ve added a hint of sweetness to our gin from plums and figs.

A fun loving surprise

As it’s Christmas there’s a nice little twist to this Gin. Of course we can't give away the surprise - you'll just have to pop into the County to find out for yourself :)

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