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Memorable Moments with Signature Spirits

"I cannot thank you enough Chris for producing this unique and wonderful Gin for me from your wonderful local distillery.

With a vibrant Sicilian orange flavour and a unique blend of Mediterranean herb infused botanicals, carefully compiled from my customers favourite menu flavours at The Old Bill, this is a welcome addition to my  Private Dining experience." - Paolo from The Old Bill

"Once again, we would both like to thank you for all of the help you have given us when working on this project. You have made things really smooth and provided us with much guidance that we undoubtedly needed" - Gavin from the Free Spirits Group

"We are super excited to show you our brand new gin that has been made especially for The Zen Den! Made by the incredible Calentillo Spirits using only natural botanicals and essential oils this zingy gin has the taste of lemon sherbet made possible by lemon zest, Kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and not to forget the amazing Baobab fruit also known as the Tree of Life! We honestly couldn't be more thrilled with Calentillo Spirits and will definitely be getting more flavours made soon! " - from Stephanie at The Zen Den.

Screenshot 2021-03-14 at 11.21.18.png
One of the reasons we came into existence was to offer pubs, restaurants , hotels, and new spirits brands a point of difference with the creation and production of a Private label spirit only available through their outlet.
Creating your own signature spirit is an important moment and as you can see from the typical feedback we receive, we like to make sure this stage is done, just right.
The creation of a prototype is a useful first step to check that your requirements have been properly encapsulated in the product we produce for you.  We will be able to advise you during your consultation on flavours which will work together, decisions regarding e.g. London Dry Gin v Distilled Gin, infusions, syrups, bottling and labeling.
Although  this activity is Labour intensive, we only charge our wholesale bottle price for the development of your prototype - this reflects our investment in your project.
Once you've chosen your preferred flavour we can then work with you to produce your batches using our larger copper alembic stills.
Of course, if you've developed a recipe prior to working with us, we're also happy to work with you on producing that product.
Contact us by email or phone to enquiry about availability
Telephone: 07795 265000
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