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14. The Spirit of The Hood

Against a backdrop of a few changes to the line up of Boggins and The Fool, we've tried to add a contemporary dimension to the tradition of the Haxey Hood, by creating a handcrafted gin which pays respect to the Legend that is The Haxey Hood.

Naturally it contains 13 botanicals to reflect the 13 characters which are depicted in the original story of the Haxey Hood, namely The Lord, The Fool and 11 Boggins, including the Chief Boggin.

Lady De Mowbray

We capture Lady De Mowbrays' donation of land, with the addition of a couple of Botanicals containing earthy notes – The Orris Root & The Angelica Root. Befitting of a Lady, the Orris Root is a staple of fine perfume & gin houses. Its used to increase the length of time the scent lasts once dispensed.

The Carpenters Arms

The place where it all starts, The Carpenters Arms, is the obvious place to begin the description of this gin. Carpenters work with wood and the woody Juniper Berry is the starting point of all gins - offering a touch of the taste of pine to savour.

The Kings Arms

Back in the 14th Century, which dates the origin of the story of Haxey Hood, the prevailing monarch was King Richard II – known amongst other things for his hair colour, noted to be somewhere between gold and red. We’ve settled on Ginger and added this botanical to the gin to symbolise the King.

The Loco

Crudely translated from the Spanish word Loco, meaning crazy, we thought it appropriate to include a botanical which is known to have a calming effect on your mental state. Whilst a visit to The Loco has always helped reduce anxiety, so too is a small piece of cassia bark or cinnamon so in they go to the mix.

Duke William

A search on google for the Duke William throws up references to William the Conqueror aka the Duke of Normandy. As Normandy is known for its ciders we pay homage to the Duke William with the addition of Apple. He’d have been quite at home in Axholme on Apple Day.


The area is surrounded in sweetness, the lovely people and of course the sugar beats which grow in the farmland around this place. We’ve encapsulated sweetness in this gin with the addition of Liquorice Root and the Lucuma fruit – which adds a certain caramel tone to the gin.

The finishing Touch

Since the game ends when the Hood arrives at one of the pubs and is touched by the landlord from his front step, so too does this gin deserve a finishing Touch. To round it off we add a Tonka Bean, pinch of nutmeg, and some oats, all of which combine to provide a memorable gin with a smooth edge.


If you sway this gin around your mouth, you should find a gin which hints towards the taste of a lovely Apple Strudel – serve with a simple tonic and garnish with an apple slice!

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