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11. Zingy Zen Lemon Gin

Step into The Old Coach House Healing & Wellbeing Centre and you'll immediately become immersed in a Zen like atmosphere. The surroundings offer peace and tranquility and the treatments restore your vibrancy.

Inspired, following a morning of treatments at The Old Coach House, we set about trying to bottle some of the key characteristics which we experienced and as a result have created this Zingy Zen Lemon gin exclusively available from The Old Coach House Healing & Wellbeing centre.

Essential oils

When you experience a treatment at the Coach House you benefit from the use of carefully chosen essential oils. Gin is created by capturing the essential oils from a range of botanical ingredients. At the heart of these botanicals is the juniper berry and coriander – without these a gin is just simply not a gin.

The surroundings

Based in the beautiful countryside of West Yorkshire, it’s impossible not to notice the natural earthy feel of the great outdoors. We’ve captured this ingredient with the addition of Angelica Root and Orris Root, adding a deep background earthiness to this Gin.

A little bit of sweetness

At heart The Old Coach House is very much a family business and they certainly make you feel right at home from the moment you arrive, setting a friendly and welcoming tone. A further bit of sweetness can be found in their sumptuous cakes. We've added the botanicals of liquorice root, cassia bark and the Peruvian Lucuma, bringing the sweetness of liquorice, cinnamon and exotic caramel.

That refreshing feeling

After a visit to The Coach House you'll leave feeling mentally and physically refreshed, revitalised and ready to face the world with a spring in your step. For that reason, we haven’t held back when creating this Gin. Lemon zest, Kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass are combined to provide a distinct citrus taste, so much associated with refreshing drinks.

A sense of well being

Whilst we can’t pretend that this Gin will offer you any help on the well being front, we have added a few further botanicals which on their own are certainly worth incorporating into your diet - cardamom and ginger are accompanied by the less well

known Baobab fruit.

The home of the Baobab fruit is The Gambia where it grows on a tree locally

known as the Tree of Life. This fruit dries on the branch and produces a dry powder within its fruit. The taste of this powder is reminiscent of sherbet and adds the zing and vitality to this Zingy Zen Lemon Gin.

So get yourself down to The Old Coach House, enjoy some treatments, the surroundings and relax afterwards with a Zingy Zen Lemon gin and tonic.

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