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10. The Spirit of '93

In the early '90's the achievements of Saddleworth Rangers were quite something, culminating in winning the National Conference League Premier Division in the 1992/93 season. So when we sat down with Karen to discuss creating a Gin for the Club it was natural that it had to be something good, something capable of reflecting the Spirit of '93.

The line up for Saddleworth Rangers

After discussion with Karen and following a review by the Committee the "Spirit of 93" Gin was approved which we hope you'll agree, really captures the essence of Saddleworth Rangers at its’ best. Here’s the line up from the creators:

Kick off

According to the rules of the game in order for a Gin to be classified as a Gin the main flavour must be of juniper berries and so the forward flavour in this Gin is a classic, Juniper Berries and Coriander Seeds.

The Territory

We couldn’t have a Gin which didn’t capture something about the ground. So, we’ve added Angelica Root and Orris Root, providing a deep background earthiness to the Gin. Orris Root in particular helps bind all of the other flavours together, just like a good coach and their players.

The Yorkshire village where Lancastrians live ?

The war of the roses continues in Saddleworth with many locals identifying with Yorkshire rather than its parish designation of Lancashire. The crest of Saddleworth Rangers depicts both the red and white rose as a nod to the history of this place.

We’ve reflected this in the Gin which starts as a light blue, pointing to the outline colour of the white rose. Later as you add the tonic you’ll see it turn pink, the perfect blend of the red and white!

We achieve this by adding a few drops of colour obtained entirely naturally from the Butterfly Pea flower, which is a deep blue but when anything acidic such as lemon or tonic is added, it will change.

Half time refreshment

This gin features that traditional half time refreshment of oranges. We’ve added a little extra here to put a spring in your step with the combination of lemons and the Baobab fruit which adds a bit of zing.

A real team

The real magic is created when the whole team of botanicals complement each other fully. So, to achieve this blend we’ve added a bit of warmth and character to the gin with Tarragon, Basil, Cassia and Lucuma which together bring subtle tones of warmth and smoothness to this Gin.


Finally we have to reflect the strength and character of that team of ’93 and so The Spirit of ’93 requires only a single measure as its a little stronger than average.

Best served

Like any good Rugby League team this flavoursome gin is packed with a line up containing 13 key players, this time in the form of fine botanicals, let the gin do the talking by serving with a simple tonic water and garnish with a slice of orange.

If you'd like to have a taste of the Spirit of '93 get yourself down to the Clubhouse, or host a local event. It's a fabulous venue and you won't be disappointed.

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