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Rushcart: Rhubarb & Ginger Premium Gin

All of our gins are produced in copper Alembic Stills right here in Strinesdale, Saddleworth North.   Our new range of Rushcart gins have been created to add a bit of Saddleworth to one of the nations favourite tipples.


We begin this gin in the traditional way, with Juniper Berries followed closely by Coriander seeds.  To add a bit of earthiness, which in many ways defines Saddleworth, we add a pinch of Angelica Root.  


Orris Root is traditionally used by the famous French perfume houses to increase the longevity of their scents.  We think it’s only right that a fine gin benefits from the same ingredient, even if it is a bit ostentatious.


Back to Saddleworth, and this gin features Rhubarb - a hardy vegetable (yes it’s a vegetable not a fruit)  which happily grows in this area.  The sour, fruity taste of Rhubarb is a perfect addition to your Gin and is complimented with Ginger and Cassia Bark.  We then look to South America to add a hint of vanilla in the form of the Tonka Bean. 


To bring the Rhubarb flavour towards the front of this gin we focus on sweetness and for this we look towards oats, lucuma and a bit of good old fashioned syrup. The sweetness of this gin is balanced with the warmth of the ginger and cassia bark - much like the warmth and sweetness of the people of Saddleworth


To appreciate the best of this gin, add 3 parts light tonic to 1 part gin and serve over ice with a vanilla pod or a stick of dried rhubarb.

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