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Bespoke House Spirits

At our heart we're a small batch house brand producer of spirits and so our success depends on the popularity of the Spirits we make for you.

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Small Batch

When we say small batch we mean small batch. Your order quantities for your bespoke Spirit start at a minimum batch size of 6 bottles.  We set this minimum because that's the size of our smallest Still.

In this way you can offer your customers a truly handcrafted product.

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The Ingredients

We think that your Spirits, should reflect you and your establishment. 


So if we don't already know you and your establishment, we'll sit down with you and build up an understanding of the history, image and nature of your business. We'll ask for an insight into your personality, interests and tastes, and blend that with some of the characteristics of your customers and the locality.

From here we'll start to select some ingredients to reflect your Spirit in your specially crafted drink.

The Presentation

We have some specially selected bottles which are included in your pricing, along with some specially selected labels.  The labels will incorporate your logo and signage as standard.


There's always the option to look more broadly for an extra charge to reflect any incremental cost.

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