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Rushcart: Classic - London Dry Gin

All of our gins are produced in copper Alembic Stills right here in Strinesdale, Saddleworth.  Our new range of Rushcart gins have been created to add a bit of Saddleworth to one of the nations favourite tipples.


We begin all of this gin in the traditional way, with Juniper Berries followed closely by Coriander seeds.  To add a bit of earthiness, which in many ways defines Saddleworth, we add a pinch of Angelica Root.  


Orris Root is traditionally used by the famous French perfume houses to increase the longevity of their scents.  We think it’s only right that a fine gin benefits from the same ingredient, even if it is a bit ostentatious.


We then add a taste of the Mediterranean reminiscent of Sicillian Blood Red Oranges, which are  balanced with the sweetness of liquorice roots, oats and lucuma.  Each of these botanicals adds a very subtle touch of sweetness as is found in the people of Saddleworth.


To appreciate this gin at it's best, add 3 parts light tonic to 1 part gin and serve over ice with an orange wheel.

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