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Our Story


Many of our most memorable moments involve shared experiences with kin spirits and from time to time involve a little alcohol. The combination of a number of very enjoyable visits to craft distilleries and long rambling chats with friends & family, led us to the conclusion that we'd like to spend more of our time involved in the fun things in life.

With that seed of an idea in our heads, for the last few years, we've been learning, planning, developing and finally launching Calentillo Spirits.  We've had great fun learning about the vast array of botanicals produced around the world, their long and often dark histories and their "medicinal" properties.  We've enjoyed experimenting with different botanical combinations and in particular learning how to compound spirits like the Italians from Lemoncello to Sugar cubes!   We've been enthralled by the endless innovation coming from craft Gin offerings.

We couldn't help notice, however, that there appears to be a small gap in the market place - for house branded spirits, produced to a bespoke recipe, in small batches.  We hope that amongst the hoteliers, publicans, restauranteurs out there, there are going to be some kin spirits who share our passion for this idea.  For our part we look forward to having fun and finding out :)

Our Credentials

Calentillo Spirits.png

A few things you should know about us:

Company Registration number:  11949877

AWRS Registration number:        XMAW 000 0011 3043

Compounders Licence number:  NRU/C/120/19

Rectifiers Licence number:          NRU/REC/115/19

VAT Registration number:             321 7965 93

Registered Address:                        Kin Spirits Limited, trading as Calentillo Spirits, Luke Lane Head Farm, Roebuck

                                                              Lane, Strinesdale, OL4 3RA

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