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Creating memorable moments

Many of our most memorable moments are created over a drink and often associated with celebration, enjoyment and happy times.


Our products and services are aimed at creating such special moments.

We stumbled into the drinks industry after a trip to Italy in which our meal was rounded off with the presentation of a plate of colourful sugar cubes.  We’ve since learned they were actually Zuccherini alcolici.  In plain English, sugar cubes soaked in almost pure alcohol along with an infusion of e.g. citrus zests; raspberry leaf, mint and so forth.
We loved this unique experience, so much so that we popped down to the local supermarket and brought some of this super strength alcohol home, replicated the sugar cubes, wowed our friends with them and then subsequently discovered our super strength alcohol was actually neutral grain spirit.  Following a trip to a distillery which ended with an opportunity to make gin, we could see that this neutral grain spirit was the base ingredient to make gins, vodkas and other spirits.
And so by combining our knowledge of flavours, herbs, spices and fruits, the journey into creating beautiful spirits began. Our purpose in life now, is to make similar standout memories and moments by applying our own creativity and fun into the creation of spirits for you, your friends, events, and celebrations.
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Stylish moments

with our cocktail classes

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Uplifting Spirits
Gifts and bottles of your favourite tipple

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Signature Spirits

 Create your very own Spirit drinks

Festival Fun

Events & occasions

Make your event or fundraiser standout with personalised Spirits

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